Oakley New Two Face Sunglasses

Oakley went gangbusters with the Two Face design . They paired up O Matter and Aluminium to create incredibly lightweight and stylish sunnies!

Of course they have the HDO (High Definition Optics) lens technology giving you unparalleled clarity and style.

They designed the frame for a Three-Point Fit to eliminate pressure points and keep the lenses aligned on your face to allow them to give the best clarity.

Of course all the frame colours are matched to the lenses to give the best look for your complexion.

The big points for this new style are:

  • Looks, they are very, very sharp and a great addition to the other Oaklye styles we have in store. They have a sophisticated feel about them and are easy to wear when dressing up, yet they look fine when in slob mode too!
  • Function, the Plutonite lenses filter out 100% of all UVA, UVB, and UVC and are even impact resistant to ANSI Z80.3 standards.
  • Feel, they have a great hand and face feel being incredibly light due to the clever boning of O Matter and Aluminium.
  • Iridium, of course Oakley added its famous Iridium coating to certain colour combinations.
  • Polarizing, not only are the lenses in some colours polarized but they will polarize your impression of this very cool sunny!

We have test driven this style and Andy is frothing over his pair, light stylish and super functional. “It’s like wearing air conditioning for the eyes wearing Oakley Polarized sunnies” Andy was heard to tell a customer recently.

Come in and try them on for a fit, It’s free.

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