Stormies Staff Picks for September!!

This months staff picks come from Dave and Jess, store managers of Port Central and Settlement City Stormriders stores.

With Spring stock still in full swing and Summer stock beginning to drop from a number of brands, the managers didn’t have a very difficult time this month at all.

With these Springs days being delightful for the most part, both Dave and Jess have chosen casual day time attire.

Brands include Afends, Quicksilver, Stussy and Converse.


  1. Quicksilver Street trunk: $69.99
  2. Element Hudson Cap: $39.99
  3. Afends Peace Muscle Tee : $49:95


  1. Stussy Cut Away Crop: $39.95
  2. Converse All Star Low : $100.00
  3. Bilabong Get Down Shorts: $59.99
  4. Billabong Spring Break Cap: $19.95

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