How To Grip A Skateboard

Find out how with our how to guides!

step 1.

For a new deck – wipe the deck with a clean cloth to remove any dust or grease. For an old deck – remove all old grip tape.

sk1 sk2

step 2.

Working on a flat surface – place the skate deck down and lay the grip tape (with backing paper intact) over deck.
Line up the grip tape so that you have equal lengths hanging over both sides.

sk4 sk3

step 3.

Starting at one end, peel the backing paper off the grip whilst simultaneously pushing the grip down onto the deck with your other (free) hand. Do this along the length of the deck until all paper is removed and the grip is stuck down. Push down any air bubbles left in the grip as you go to remove them.

step 4.

Using a large screwdriver or file, score (mark) around edge of deck holding the screwdriver at approximately a 45 degree angle.


step 5.

Using a stanley knife slowly and carefully cut around the score marks. Hold the blade at a 45 degree angle to the deck again. Take
your time!!

Gripping a skateboard isn’t too difficult but you need to be careful…So! Here is a step by step guide for you to follow so you don’t skin your knuckles!! You’ll need:

– a new sheet of grip tape
– a screwdriver
– a Stanley knife or similiar
– and if you’re a grom – mum or dad’s help.


step 6.

To tidy up the edges, use some off-cut to sand down around the edges and give a smooth finish. Leave it to set overnight before riding if possible. This will allow the glue to bond properly.